Quinlan Vos

Ex-Jedi and Spy Now Husband and Father


os went on to play a part in the Battle of Kashyyyk. When Order 66 was transmitted to the clone commanders throughout the galaxy, Vos was on the overseer’s platform of an A6 HAVw Juggernaut, when a neighboring tank fired on him and destroyed the tank he had been standing on at the time.

Although he was believed to be dead, Vos emerged from the explosion badly wounded, though very much alive. His right arm was broken and bloody and his lungs burned. Upon learning of the betrayal of his troops, Vos realized his priority was to survive in the jungles of Kashyyyk. He knew also that if this betrayal had occurred on Kashyyyk, then it had happened elsewhere. He vowed to escape Kashyyyk and track down the second Sith Lord he had been searching for during the war, and bring an end to the dominion of the dark side.

Quinlan Vos escaped into the woods of Kashyyyk, eluding the clone troopers. He clung to his training as a Jedi through his pain, using lessons taught by Yoda, Mace Windu, and Count Dooku to overcome his clone opponents. He was eventually tracked by Clone Commander Faie, who told Vos that if he didn’t come out of hiding, Faie would call in an air strike and kill himself, Vos, and the neighboring Wookiee village. Vos made up his mind that he couldn’t run and hide, that he would never track down the second Sith Lord, and that his destiny was to stop Faie and protect the innocent Wookiees. Vos jumped from his perch, lightsaber in hand, and Faie shot him a moment before Vos killed the clone commander. Both men fell to the forest floor.

Grahrk (on Kashyyyk working as a smuggler for the Wookies) soon came looking for Vos and found him on the ground, the dead Faie a few feet away. Soon after this, a squad of clone troopers burst through the woods, and found Grahrk standing over a Jedi funeral pyre. The Devaronian claimed to have killed the Jedi himself. As the clone troopers left, Grahrk said under his breath, “All debts paid, Jedi”.

Eight months later, in a cave on Kashyyyk, Khaleen Hentz and her baby had met up with Masters Tholme and T’ra Saa, along with some Wookiees. Hentz was watching a holocube from Vos, explaining his feelings for her, when suddenly he himself walked in, and repeated the words to her face.

Hentz had feared that Vos was dead, as had they all, but due to Grahrk’s trickery (he had burned Faie’s body instead), Vos had escaped off-planet and been healed. Hentz fell into Vos’s arms, and then presented him with their child, Korto Vos.

Painting the traditional Kiffar markings on his newborn son, Vos declared that the darkness would never touch the boy, for he would be raised in the light.

A few years later he would hear Kai Doneeta’s call in the Force and rescue him from his derelict ship and raise him as his own.

Quinlan Vos

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